The Building Process

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We understand the thought of building your dream home can be quite daunting, from not knowing where to start to hoping you have the right design and chosen the best colours.

Forsight Builders helps make your construction journey easy.

To reassure you that your house build is being undertaken by a team that complies with New Zealand’s construction industry standards, we are New Zealand Certified Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners 

We have a range of trusted subcontractors who we work with to ensure you get the best quality home. Looking for expert house builders for your new home or renovation?

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We are experienced house builders, so we’ve outlined the process to help ensure your building project starts on the best possible foundation.

The Process

Step 1.


Forsight Builders has a range of trusted architects who we can recommend. We have worked with them on significant new builds, renovations and even Zach and Philicia Forsyth’s own home.

Step 2.


Once you have confirmed your house plans, the drawings are finalised with architect these are sent to your local council for sign off. 

It is worth working with an experienced architect or draughtsperson to minimise delays during the consent process.

Auckland Council has some good information about the consent process for house new builds, renovations and alterations.

Step 3.

quoting the job

We quote plans with our reliable programming system. We are open and honest with our clients so they can see exactly what they are being charged for. We can also provide a range of variances materials, cladding, joinery etc so you get a full range of ideas. 

Step 4.


Once you accept a quote both parties should sign a written agreement. Make sure you are clear with your house builders about what is or is not included.

Once arrangements are based on quotes; Forsight Builders always signs a contract with the client.

Step 5.



Building a house almost always takes longer than people expect but with good planning and communication, the homeowner will have a better idea of what should be happening when.

We run a timeline system which the client is open to view. This includes a start to finish date with all sub-contractors included.

At all stages of the building process, Forsight Builders are available to discuss work-in-progress and answer questions the homeowner may have.

Step 6.


Different house builders will have different payment schedules based around a deposit, progress payments and final payment.

Forsight Builders have a variety of payment plans available to their homebuilders.

We will negotiate a payment structure that works best for you.

Step 7.


A good builder will be available to discuss progress, any construction challenges and any alterations you may have to the design. Any changes from the original plans should be quoted as a variation to works.

During the build we will meet on regular basis to track the timeline and schedule.

Forsight Builders communicates with architects to determine the best construction methodology to achieve creative construction solutions.

We will manage council compliance inspections and follow up on any issues that may arise.

Step 8.


When your home is completed it is an exciting day and you can expect to check the property to ensure it meets your requirements.

If you have developed a good relationship with your builder this should be a simple process with no surprises.

At Forsight Builders, when a home build is complete and our client is happy with the work, we collect all construction documents together for the final sign-off process.

Step 9.


It is reassuring for homeowners to work with a builder who is certified and offers a building guarantee.

Forsight Builders is a New Zealand Certified Builders and we provide Halo – one of the most comprehensive 10-year residential building guarantees on the market. 

Halo is a unique, independent building cover that’s only available to people who build or renovate with an NZCB approved builder – that’s us.

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